Monday, March 11, 2013

Is Podcasting the New Blogging?

 I listened to Self Publishing Podcast today and was introduced to Cliff Ravencraft of Learn How to Podcast.

It was an insightful hour that made me rethink about blogging and the opportunities podcasting offered. I used myself as the first example of why. Though I like to have the written word for a back up--notes so to speak--I love to listen to podcasts about writing.  And as Cliff mentioned, people spend a great deal of time in their cars, walking dogs, at the gym . . . doing things that doesn't lend itself to reading. 

Immediately my mind was going a mile a minute . . . thinking how I could use a podcast instead of blogging to reach out and touch my readers on my author site, F. L. Williams.

Check out Cliff's site.  Maybe you will be inspired to take a deeper look at this avenue and how it can be used to interact with your followers.

Finally, don't be surprised if you stop by Melisa Writes, click on a link, and hear a southern voice say, "Hey y'all.  Hang on tight.  This is my first ride, and I'm sure it's gonna be bumpy."

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